Double Your 1L Order for Just £17!

Our most popular deal:

We would like to make you an offer before you proceed to check out… just to be 100% sure you have enough Curtain Magic to get rid of your mould, as you do need to apply the product liberally.

How can we afford to send you an addition 1L bottle so much cheaper?

The answer is directly related to shipping costs. Our shipping is based on weight, and the more we send the cheaper the shipping costs are, so we pass that saving directly on to you.

The offer:

  • We will double the amount of liquid to 2 litres;
  • Send it to you with free shipping.

All for just £17.00 more… great value!

Many of our customers in the past have ordered the 1L container first (to test it out), and then ended up ordering another 1L to finish the job (another £32.95!).

We can assure you the product 100% works… we have hotels, dry cleaners, cleaning companies and 30,000+ home owners using our Curtain Magic as their ‘secret weapon’.

No thanks, 1 Litre is fine.