Sea Air Dampness Causing Mould

Curtain Magic Mould Remover works in coastal regions with high salt content.

Here is a testimonial sent in from a repeat customer in the UK who explains the reason for mould growth in her region, and why she continues to order.

“Let me explain why I love and recommend this product.

I’m retired and I live by the coast, approx 500 yards from the sea albeit up the cliff so a mile if walking.
now this time of year, we have had the hot summer and the air dried out daily but now come 1700
to 1800 hours even if the sun is still shining the air hangs with dampness. If you have washing
out drying it becomes wetter than when you put it out.

The same goes for indoors, you want your windows open for air but the salty damp sea air doesn’t
dry out. All other products don’t work on sea air dampness. So one very important USP for your product
is that it works in coastal regions with high salt content. The mould we get here is recurring, even
in new properties due to the salt. And your product has helped me keep it to a minimum each year but it
will never rid me of it.

The last drop in the previous bottle was used on t-shirts last week. Now I know you don’t recommend
that but the other half walks the dogs on the beach after 1900, and the silly beggar got damp
on his walks put three t-shirts in the hamper and left them until laundry day. They were mottled
with the kind of mould we get on the vertical blinds and curtains. So nothing ventured….. Safe
to say I rescued his England top, and two others with no damage to the printed areas.
I guess I’m a dab hand with this product.

Thanks once again, Rowena”

We would like to thank Rowena for taking the time to write to us, and we are happy to hear her story which some readers could relate too.

If you have a story beyond a short testimonial, we would love to publish it with your permission.